UPKRAM is a not-for-profit program, working in the domain of education and livelihood for the development and empowerment of the marginalized communities in rural India. We work on literacy, livelihood & awareness of the fundamental rights of marginalized communities. Registered to function as a secular and an autonomous program under Shri Achleshwar Mahadev Mandir Foundation (SAMMF), Dalla, Sonbhadra district, Uttar Pradesh.


Vision: Cultivating an ethos of informed discourse in rural India.

Mission: To establish a centre for discourse in a gram-panchayat by redefining the traditional notion of a library.


Objectives of the organization:

  • Fostering a culture of reading and writing.
  • Establishing a library/reading corner and ensuring ‘Padhne ki ghanti’ (reading period) in every school.
  • To disseminate the latest pedagogical techniques and best practices in education with teachers.
  • Ensuring participation of nearby communities at the community center, The Centre for Discourse.
  • Constituting a leadership group from among the school children and youth from the community aimed at the sustained functioning of The Centre for Discourse. Provide the youth of the community with an employment opportunity.
  • Academic research – Preserve and document the Tribal folklore, songs, art, culture and publish them on an academic platform.