UPKRAM was formed on 14th February 2018, by the three young educators from different parts of the country, who had been working in the field of education with various organizations. An alternate initiative in education could reach the rural tribal society, then that could be a starting point to bring about a systemic change in education. Thus, the work started towards the holistic development of children and providing them access to quality education.

Vision: Cultivating an ethos of informed discourse in rural India.

Mission: To establish a centre for discourse in a gram-panchayat.


  • Fostering a culture of reading and writing.
  • Establishing a library/reading corner and ensuring ‘Padhne ki ghanti’ (reading period) in every school.
  • To disseminate the latest pedagogical techniques and best practices in education with teachers.
  • Constituting a leadership group of the school children and youth from the community aimed at the sustained functioning of the intervention. Provide the youth of the community with an employment opportunity.
  • Ensuring participation of nearby communities at the community center, The Centre for Discourse.
  • Academic research – Preserve and document the Tribal folklore, songs, art, culture and publish them on an academic platform.


Our engagement is ensuring that we are building communities which drive education in their village and help in transforming the way a school is perceived in society.