On Field Approach

Our engagement is ensuring, we are building communities that drive education in their village and help in transforming the way a school is perceived in society.

“If I can free only one or two villages from the bonds of ignorance and weakness, there will be built, on a tiny scale, an ideal for the whole of India”Rabindranath Tagore

School development program

A two-year program with the government primary school where focus is making school as a conducive learning and discourse space for children and bring about a systemic change in education.


We are addressing the early literacy challenges of primary school children by

  • Regular language classroom practices involving learner-centric approaches focussed on children’s language acquisition and development
  • Weekly ‘Padhne Ki Ghanti’ (Reading hour) where we provide print-rich environment via literature and audio-visual avenues. These engagements would support children in engaging them and open to new worlds of imagination
  • Monthly workshops on creative writing, drawing, theatre, painting, music is conducted for children to develop skills


Teacher professional development is another focus area.

  • We conduct demonstration classes and co-facilitate classes to support teachers in making the classroom more engaging
  • Periodic capacity building sessions on pedagogy, classroom management and perspectives of education are facilitated
  • Develop learning circles to be reflective practitioners

Youth engagement program

In the remotest part of the country, youngsters lack awareness of possibilities in a career which only gets worse with livelihood opportunities being minimal. We noticed there is no dearth in the eagerness to bring in a change in prevailing conditions. A one-year mentoring program is offered to potential local youth who are interested to bring in quality education to schools of their villages.

Local youth would drive social change in a sustainable manner in their villages.

  • We mentor them for a year in classroom practices, language education, documentation, and soft skills
  • Provide opportunity to interact with education domain experts, be part of reflection circles and participate in workshops, seminars and exposure visits
  • Promising youth are recruited to act as change agents in the education system